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Discovering Your Soul Family

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Recently, as I was mindlessly browsing a second-hand book app to find inspiration for my next read, I stumbled upon a book that immediately triggered excitement and infinite curiosity: The Soul Families by Marie Lise Labonté*.

It’s a book written in French by Marie-Lise Labonté who I believe is originally from Montréal, Canada.


Channelled in 2001, it describes the 13 different soul families as well as the various positions (or roles) a soul might have in its family.

As I was reading, I could feel a deep resonance with one of those families (The Crossing Guides for me) and I could recognize my friends & loved ones as belonging to some of those families as well.

Although attempts to put people in boxes should always be taken with a grain of salt and we should take the time to see if, how and to what extent we resonate with them, I still found it incredibly validating to see how mind-blowingly accurate my current purpose & personality were with the description that was made of the people affiliated to my “Crossing Guides” soul family.


For this post, I’ll only explore the different soul families but I might do another post later about the positions INSIDE a soul family if that interests you. 😉

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I think about you - Soul-Driven Life

I’m thinking about you.

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I’m thinking about you.

I know you’re feeling confused and scared right now, as it seems chaos is everywhere.

I know you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the fear, the suffering and the sadness you feel inside of yourself and out there in the world.


I know you feel all this deep inside yourself and it’s too much to bear.

I know you’re exhausted yet you also can’t sleep.


I know you feel alone and scared and you wonder how this will pan out and if we will ever get out of this.

I know you question those in charge, you doubt their ability to make adapted decisions.

I know you wonder how you can protect yourself and those you love, and how you can help bring this horror to an end.


I also know you’re strong and resourceful.

I know you understand the need for daily routine changes in order to support the greater good.


I know your human qualities get revealed in times of crisis.

I know your heart is big and your resilience is legendary.


I know you’ll do what it takes to help those who need it.

I know you are adaptable and creative and will find new ways to live, new ways to love, new ways to thrive.


I know you will get through this stronger, wiser, kinder.

I know you. I believe in you. I love you. ❤

Getting out of the panic mode

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Last week, I went through an intense panic phase related to the Coronavirus.

Two weeks ago, while my mom was visiting me in Venice, the number of cases in the region started to rise quickly and we decided to go back to France to avoid getting trapped in the country.

Feeling completely appalled by the lack of directives from the French government, we decided that the responsible thing to do was to go on a self-imposed quarantine to protect the people around us in case we had been infected without knowing it.

While in quarantine, as I started developing a cold, my chronic fear of being sick blew up completely out of proportions and with it, the fear of having infected my mom.

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Why did you choose to become human? | Soul-Driven Life

Why did you choose to become human?

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“Why did you choose to become human?”

That’s the big question I asked myself today while I was lying down on my energy healer’s massage table…

While he was helping me restore the balance in my body and I was meditating, I caught myself crying like a baby wondering why I had chosen to incarnate here, in this body that I so often feel trapped in, and why I had chosen to experience life as a human, with all its traumas & pains…
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