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I forgive you

I Forgive You | Soul-Driven Life

Every morning, I have this little ritual where I put myself in front of the mirror.

I first say all the things that I love about myself, then I do my EFT practice to release what needs to be at that moment…

Today, I wanted to share something new that I added to that little ritual and that made me access to a whole new level of self-healing.


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What is a Soul?

Life Purpose Meditation | Soul-Driven Life

The best place to start your Soul journey is to first define what a Soul is, right?


The word “Soul” is everywhere now.

The more people are awakening, the more we hear the word “Soul” around us.


We all want to discover our Soul purpose, to listen to our Soul guidance!


We want a Soulful business, a Soul-driven life.


In order to do so, it’s necessary to start with a definition of what a Soul is.

Here is my… attempt to define it, haha.

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