Effortless Mindfulness

A 6-week stress-relief online program to embrace mindful living

In a typical day, how often is your mind busy with thoughts that doesn’t concern the present moment?

Take a second now to evaluate how much space these thoughts take in your day…

Is it 30%, 60%, 80% of the time? 

We are all guilty of this.

We try to control everything with our mind, reminiscing about the things we’ve done or trying to find a way to foresee the future.

  • What if I haven’t done the right thing?
  • What if it doesn’t turn out in my favor?
  • Why did I do this? and that?
  • How will this turn out?
  • How will they react?
  • How can I change the future?

Always switching from past to future…

Let’s be honest here…

Focusing your thoughts & your life on the past OR the future is 100% the cause of your stress. 

As these thoughts pass into your head, you feel the worries invading you…

You focus your energy in trying to control the past or the future but in truth, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do to control them.

The only thing you can control is the NOW! 

You can stop the source of your stress, your worries, your lack of sleep by focusing on the NOW!

That’s where mindfulness comes into play…

Mindfulness puts your two feet back IN THE NOW! 

It shuts down the worries.
It annihilates your stress.
It makes you feel calm. Peaceful. Fulfilled. Balanced. Grateful. Simply happy.

And the amazing news is…

Mindfulness is really easy to implement in your daily life. 

But the results of a consistent mindfulness practice are so incredible that it should be prescribed by doctors (some already do!).

It has the power to create a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION in your life by shifting your focus, relieving your stress & bringing clarity!

Join me during this 6-week stress-relief online program to rebalance our life instantly by embracing the present moment.

The Effortless Mindfulness Program

Week 1


Learn the core principles of mindfulness as well as a few exercises to practice during this first week

Week 2

Mindful Body

Get back in touch with your body and experience the power of your five senses

Week 3

Mindful Daily

Discover how to use mindfulness in your daily activities to always find your inner balance back

Week 4

Mindful At Work

Implement mindfulness in your job to become more efficient & reduce your stress

Week 5

Mindful Relationships

Switch off the autopilot and find your way back to love, authenticity & passion in your relationships

Week 6

Mindful Soul Connection

Explore yourself and your magical connection to the Universe

This program will be conducted live online for 6 weeks, starting on Monday, August 13th.

Each week, you will get access to new videos & resources as well as a live training to learn new mindfulness practices that you will be able to implement easily into your daily life.

You will have access to all the training replays and will get unlimited access to the content of the program.

Practicing is the key to progress so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice!


NB: Live trainings dates will be set up as we go along based on the location of the participants of the program to make sure most can attend live. If you can’t attend a training live, you will of course get access to the replay. 🙂

By joining now, you will get unlimited access to:

  • Effortless Mindfulness course

All the videos & resources needed to learn about how to implement mindfulness easily in your life!


  • Weekly Live Trainings

We will meet each week to learn a new aspect of mindfulness. You will also get access to the replay in the course.


  • All the Future Updates

At the end of the course, you will find an idea box where you will be able to add your questions & suggestions for new content! I will update the program based on your suggestions. 🙂

Early Bird Price


(price will go up to $197 after early bird sale ends)

VIP Option

Individual support to supercharge your transformation

The VIP Option gives you access to everything from the regular option (effortless mindfulness program + live training + updates) as well as 6 sessions of 1-hour individual coaching with me.

Together, we will explore how YOU can implement mindfulness in your daily life, working around your schedule and constraints.

I will personally guide you to make some peace with your mind, and use the wonderful exercises of mindfulness for you to be able to transform your life from the inside out.

You will also have access to my email support during the 6 weeks of the program to ask your questions in-between our coaching sessions. 🙂

The VIP option provides you with accountability, personalized guidance & support to turbocharge your transformation!


NB: Before the program starts, I’ll send you a link to my calendar for you to book your sessions. 

By choosing the VIP Option, you get access to:

  • Everything included in the Effortless Mindfulness Program

All the content, videos, resources and live trainings provided with the program as well as any updates I might make in the future.


  • 6x 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with me

Together, we will explore how YOU can implement mindfulness in your daily life, reduce your stress and make some space in your head.


  • Unlimited Email Support

Get all your questions answered in-between our coaching sessions  for the duration of the program.

(value: $1997)

Early Bird Price


OR 3 monthly payments of $297

(price will go up to $997 after the early bird sale ends)

Kind words from my clients

I am beyond grateful for Audrey. I shared fears and hopes, tears and laughter, with her, as she helped me get clear with both my life and business goals. I felt so empowered, the life of our dreams is ours if we just set the intention. She is truly a blessing.

Monika MäkitaloAmbassador of Gentle & Pleasant Yoga

Audrey is incredible. In tuned, grounded and insightful. Game changer.

Kristen Danielle WonchFounder @ The Workshop

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Effortless Mindfulness Program


US $197

The Effortless Mindfulness Program includes unlimited access to:

  • All the content, videos & other resources created for the program
  • All the updates I might make in the future
  • 6 weekly live training
Enroll now


Effortless Mindfulness Program + Coaching Option


US $997

The VIP option includes:

  • Everything from the Effortless Mindfulness Program (content, updates & live training)
  • 6 weekly one-on-one 1-hour coaching sessions with me
  • Email support

(value: $1997)

Pay in Full (SAVE $194)

Prices are in US Dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course?

The course starts on Monday, August 13th. Every week, you will get access to a new module and a new live training.

I want in! What's next?


Just choose your preferred option “Regular” or “VIP – Coaching option” by clicking on the matching button. You will be directed to Paypal to proceed with your payment. Once your payment completed, you will receive a confirmation email and I’ll be in touch within a few days to talk about the course.

How do the VIP coaching sessions work?

With the VIP Coaching option, you unlock 6x 1-hour coaching sessions with me! Yay!

A week before the course starts, I will send you a link to my calendar for you to book your session.

The sessions are conducted online via Skype (or Zoom if you don’t have a Skype ;)).

You will also have access to me via email for the whole duration of the course to ask your questions in-between your sessions. 😉

What is the refund policy?

Because of the digital and impactful nature of this course, I don’t offer any refund.

I only work with people who are committed to change their life for the better. No players please! 😉

Make sure you are ready to do the work & practice the exercises mentioned in the course. Your well-being & happiness depends on YOU, and ONLY on YOU.