Such a sweet sunny day!

Some of the things I’m particularly grateful for today:

1. Thank you for the lovely breeze that lifted my hair during my morning walk. It felt like an angel’s touch. 🍃

2. Thank you for the awesome meeting with Jay! Such an inspiring Soul and heart-centered entrepreneur. I can’t wait to collaborate with him on new projects! 💫

3. Thank you for the sweet drive to the city, with Led Zep on the radio, the fresh air coming through the window and the blue sky all around. Loved it! 🚗💨

4. Thank you for the Greatest Showman… I’ve spent most of the evening singing super loud in the house (and super out of tune, haha) and loved every minute of it! 🎤

5. Thank you for Rangitoto, the volcano that stands in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland. Whenever I see it appear on the horizon, I feel humbled, excited and connected. Over the years, Rangi (aka the little surname I give him) has become like my favorite landmark of all times! 🗻

What about you, guys?
What are you grateful for today?

* * *

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