Low key work day!

A few things I’m grateful for today.

1. Thank you for blueberries! Seriously, they’re like the Oprah of fruits. Just by being there, they make all the other fruits bring their A-game!  (just pretend it’s blueberries, ok?)

2. Thank you for my Prius. I’ve had my share of shitty cars but this one is a gem. Super reliable and I still can’t believe how much I save on fuel every month! 

3. Thank you for the inspiring people at the Workshop (my coworking place). Great vibes, great people, great place! 

4. Thank you for the insanely cool 1975’s Bruce Springsteen. There’s nothing better than hearing the story of how Bruce met the Big Man on a windy, rainy night and then have them awesomely transitioning into the E Street Shuffle… while I’m driving back home in the night. “Sparks! Late on E Street…” 

5. Thank you for my bed. Technically, it’s not mine since I’m house-sitting but gosh, I’m so lucky to be able to sleep in a bed! 

How about you?
What are you grateful for today?

* * *

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Gratitude Challenge - Day 5 | Soul-Driven Life

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