Gratitude Challenge - Day 6 | Soul-Driven Life


1. Thank you for the little rainbow square that got reflected in my bedroom this morning. It was soo pretty. I just stared at it for ages. 

2. Thank you for Reiki! THANK YOU for Reiki! I’m so in love with this energy. It is so soft and caring. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to channel it for others. 

3. Thank you for that AMAZING sunset in Cox’s Bay. It went from blue to purple to orange to red… It was like the sky was putting on a show just for me. It took my breath away. 

4. Thank you for playing Rickie Lee Jones “Chuck E’s in love” on the radio while I was shopping at Countdown. I couldn’t believe my ears. She is my favorite female singer of all times and she almost never gets played on the radio anymore. I took it as a sign from the Universe and sang and danced in the pasta aisle, haha! 

5. Thank you for my amazing clients and for letting me support and guide them just by being myself! 

I’m not sure if this gratitude challenge creates more magic in my life or if it’s just me paying more attention to the magic that was already there but damn, that’s working!

* * *

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