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Picture this…

It’s September 2015.

The music festival I have been working on for 6 months starts in a couple of days.
I have a trillion things to finish.
I’m running everywhere to deal with the final touches.
I sleep 4 hours a day.

My partner now lives in New Zealand.
I’m moving from France to join him IN 3 WEEKS.

I have to:

💥  Find someone to look after our baby cat.

💥  Move out of my apartment.

💥  Sell the car as well as most of my things.

💥  Pack my whole life in two suitcases.

💥  Say goodbye to my family & friends.

💥  Keep my relationship strong with a partner that now lives on the other side of the world. With a 12-hour difference…

💥  Invest all my savings into this new life

💥  Deal with my conflicted emotions.

💥  Live with the intense fear of leaving everything I have to start a new life 18.000 kms away, in a country I have never been to.

My job is incredibly stressful.
I have 0 time for myself.


I feel like I’m about to explode in a million pieces…

How did I get through this?




By shifting my focus on the present moment, not only was I able to DRAMATICALLY reduce my stress but also:

✔  Be incredibly efficient at my job

✔  Finish all I had to do in time for my move

✔  Manifest all the resources I needed to achieve my goals

✔  Gain clarity on my emotions

✔  Restore my inner balance & faith in my path

✔  Deal with the sadness of leaving the people I love

✔  Release my fears

✔  Keep a smile on my face


Fastforward to today…

Mindfulness has become my way of life.
I have been through tough times but I am happy. 


☀  I’m living in a country I love.

☀  I get to live in beautiful houses.

☀  I have my own business as a Soul Revealer & Marketing Strategist.

☀  I teach my clients how to reconnect with their Soul, and embrace a mindful living.

☀  I feel centered, calm, aligned with my life path.

☀  I am surrounded with amazing, inspiring people with a huge heart.

☀  I love myself & I love this life!


Happiness doesn’t have to be complicated.

You just have to be ready to change your perspective, shift your focus.

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