Soul Expansion

A 3-month intensive program to explore & align with your Soul

to create a life filled with passion & purpose

Are you a high-achiever, with a life that most people would only dream of but somehow, it’s not YOUR dream anymore!

Are you feeling confused, lost on which directions to take to change your current life to something that resonates with you?

Are you afraid of redirecting your life, because you might lose your comfort and go in a completely different direction?


What if you could get clarity about what you really want out of life and go for it?

What if you could transform your high-achievement life into a high-impact life?

What if you could understand your Soul mission and unleash your true Inner Potential?

What you might not know is that you already have ALL THE ANSWERS you’re looking for… hidden right inside of you!

And the best part is that this wonderful tool is at your disposal AT ALL TIMES!


That magic tool is YOUR SOUL.

Like an inner GPS, your Soul knows what’s best for you, which roads to take, which decisions to make to achieve your goals & create the life you deserve.


Your Soul is the part of yourSelf that is connected to the Universe, the Collective Consciousness, God, whomever you want to call it.

By learning how to listen to your Soul, you get instant access to infinite knowledge, unlimited wisdom (and also unconditional love… how awesome is that!?).


I’ve been following my Soul guidance my whole life!!

Of course, when I was younger, I was not really “conscious” of it.

I started to take note of that deep connection a few years ago while interacting more and more with other awakening Souls.


I realized that most people were lost in their life.

Feeling unbalanced, out of touch with themSelves, hiding behind masks, being fears, behind invisible barriers.

They had no idea that their Soul, the key to their happiness was already inside of them!


I realized that my connection with my Soul was not… common.

It is the reason why I am happier than most people.

It is the reason why I see life as a magical adventure & obstacles as little rocks on my way, teaching me valuable lessons.


I always know I’m gonna be ok.

Everything in life seems exciting & interesting to me.

Everything in my life happens for a reason, to help me grow and prepare myself for the next adventure!


My Soul guides me all along the way!

When I discovered that, they were a few people talking about following their Soul but they didn’t talk expressively how to connect with it.

I was not sure that they were really chatting with it on a regular basis.


In the meantime, my Soul and I were slowly co-creating my Soul-Driven Life.

With each new aligned decision, unleashing a new layer of happiness & balance.


How does that sound?

Is this something you would like to create as well for yourSelf?

If this way of life is resonating with you, then you will love what I have in store for you.


In this new program, I will show you step-by-step how to realign your mind, your body & your Soul.

Reconnecting with your Soul.

Creating alignment in your life.

Unleashing your Happiness Potential!

Co-creating with your Soul the life you deserve and the impact you were born to make.

Introducing the Soul Expansion Program

This is not a one-size fits all program.

It is an entirely personalized & interactive program.


No two spiritual awakenings are the same.

Each one of you has a unique background, a unique story, a unique sensitivity & a unique set of intuitive skills!


Accessing your Soul Wisdom is a very personal journey.

It requires you to try & learn, to trust & have fun with the process, to have fun with yourSelf.

That journey will lead you deep into yourSelf, to identify & remove the issues, fears and blocks that cloud your connection with your Soul.


During these 3 months, we are going to fine tune your intuitive receptors & explore which spiritual approaches resonate the most with you.

This will require a lot of practice, an open heart, an open mind and a good sense of humor!

When you open up your spiritual senses, you realize that the Universe is an awesome trickster, haha!

We will laugh A LOT, you’ll see!


Step-by-step, you will discover how to trust yourSelf as well as develop your awareness & receptiveness to your Soul messages.

Together, we will find the answers & guidance that are hiding inside of you.

The 3 steps to unleash your Soul Potential

A comprehensive, personalized process




During 3 months, you will get access to:

  • Soul Expansion Course Modules

Each week, a new module to help you relearn how to BE, explore your gifts & unlock your Soul potential


  • 6x Fortnightly Soul Mentoring Sessions

A combination of mentoring, coaching and healing to help you reconnect with yourSelf and create a life aligned with your Soul


  • 6x Fortnightly Q&A Group Calls

A fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge, share your journey live with the group and receive laser coaching from me.


  • ย Facebook Group

A sacred space to share your journey with the other students of the program and get support and guidance outside of our calls.


  • Free Resources

A platform of content entirely created for you, on demand, on a wide range of topics, from Tarot cards to Grounding, to Spirit Guides & Channelling Preparation… ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Unlimited Email Support

I’m holding your hand all along the way. If you ever feel the need to reach out to share something or ask a question or simply, if you need a boost, a reassurance or some unconditional love & support, I’m here! Just an email away. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Join the program & get access to these bonuses

Soul Reading | Soul-Driven Life
  • 2 Soul Readings (value – US$154)

Upon starting our journey together, I will tune into your Soul and channel its messages to better serve you. At the end of the program, I will do it again to see how you have evolved and provide new insights on your path.

  • Shift your Mindset (value – US$197)

A course to completely change your perception ofย  life, identify your fears & blocks, remove them and access your pool of unconditional self-love.

  • Intuitive Tarot (value – US$97)

Learn about Tarot, its origins, structure and how to use it to enhance & trust your intuition

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides (value – US$97)

Meet your guides & learn to recognize their energy signature, their specific role, your unique way to communicate with them and how to nurture the connection


There are two possibilities of payment.

You can either pay in full and save $385 or you can choose the 3-month payment plan which will consist of one payment of $1697 on the day you join the program (once your application has been accepted and I send you your invitation), then 2 monthly payments of $1697 each. ๐Ÿ™‚



Pay in Full & SAVE $591


3 x $1697

3 Monthly Payments of $1697

How to Apply

I only accept a very limited number of students to ensure a deep level of connection.

This program is by invitation only.


Your first step is therefore to jump on a chat with me through messenger by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

ย I want to make sure that you are ready to unlock your potential and that you & I are a lovely match.

Embark on a fascinating journey inside yourself

where pleasure, magic & abundance are your guides

Do you feel that this program resonates with you?

Do you feel inside of yourself the wonderful potential you could unlock over these three months together?

Ready for me to hold your hand all along the way and provide you with focus, guidance & of course, unconditional love?

(See, I’m already enticing you to listen to your gut, haha)



Let’s chat and see how I can guide you in unleashing your true potential!


Thank you very much for your passion & committment to yourSelf.

I can’t wait to make some magic with you!


Ready to unleash your Soul potential?

Let's chat!